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attaccan sccrolls debut album

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mattr and relix knowmad (RK) started writing rhymes in RK’s garage, influenced by each coast in the Golden Age of Hip Hop. By the mid 90’s, RK is living in Indiana and recording solo tracks on cassette tapes and producing his own beats, while mattr is in SD, recording tracks with various crews and by ’98 he was producing beats also. About the same time Beligerent1 was making all the noise in his neighborhood, frequenting open mics and recording on cassettes with his crew, OPC. On the other side of SD, Profess was cultivating a new found talent, spitting rhymes over random beat tapes. Throughout High School he managed to find his way into every lunchtime and party cypher and by the turn of the century he started recording his first tracks out of his homies apartment.


Beligerent1 and mattr band together and start recording alternative Hip Hop and at the same time, frequenting the Southern California rave scene. Their styles developed, migrating from room to room and genre to genre, freestyling to any tempo of music from Hip Hop and Drum N Bass to Trance, House and anything the scene had to offer. By the early 2000’s, RK was back home in SD and running through the rave scene with mattr and Beligerent1, the good ‘ol days and the birth of San Diego Hip Hop crew, "thirdy3rd".


The Path of Profess eventually spawned the crew Deadbeatz, a grimy Hip Hop sound with intellectual lyrics comprised of Profess and GuyWhoMakesBeats. He honed his skills being the sole emcee and developed a voice and style that stood alone throughout the local SD Hip Hop scene. The 2 man crew did shows all through the city and rocked stages down in Mexico. Eventually, their instrumental approach evolved to a 5 piece band with Profess as the front man. After releasing a full length LP, they started to work on their second album which has yet to see the light of day.


In the early 2000's, Deadbeatz and thirdy3rd were making noise in the SD underground Hip Hop scene and collaborated on a couple tracks. With both crews having a unique approach to their sound, people weren't ready for the futurized Hip Hop that thirdy3rd was on and the down tempo, instrument laden music of Deadbeatz. Needless to say, this pushed both crews into a corner of originality and camaraderie for over 15 years.

CIRCA 2006

thirdy3rd would go on hiatus for about a decade while mattr and beligerent1 formed peoplemover, releasing an EP and mattr's solo album, re:produce. Meanwhile, somewhere near Mexico, Deadbeatz also went on hiatus and Profess was recording multiple albums with Awkward Congregation. Even with the emergence of both new crews, they kept the lines of collaboration open, recording tracks that were still a step outside the norm and a foresight of the future. With this approach, they eventually adopted the collective moniker, "rdio.fyre".


Barto aka from ether, a 26 year old musician, composer and producer from Germany built his style through various genres of music varying from rock crossovers and classic acoustic music to Electronic and Hip Hop. As a guitar player, he started recording when he was 14 years old and began to amass hundreds of basement tracks using very basic equipment; which in essence, helped to shape his sound and built his musical character. With his guitar roots and his connection to music, he’s been able to apply modern methods and electronic elements to his progressive approach without compromising his path.


mattr posted a track on soundcloud called “I’ve seen it all” and somehow it ended up in Germany, found its way through Barto’s headphones and the seed was planted. They went back and forth and both having a similar direction in which they wanted to head, they decided to collaborate on a track called “lean on me” which came to be the first track of the journey for the next 3 years. That song was the catalyst when they discovered the synergy of the music they were capable of so they worked on a second track called “awaken the giants”, this time including beligerent1 and Profess. At this point, the 4 of them knew they were on to something and started banging out tracks one after the other and then came relix knowmad. By the time they recorded “Cold in the Basement”, RK dropped a verse and it was official. He was the final piece to the puzzle, the 5th lion of their Voltron.

attaccan sccrolls

With Profess and the reunited thirdy3rd, together with Barto, the sole producer, attaccan sccrolls became an organic and effortless project even though they were working from opposite sides of the planet. The approach to each track was different and the fact that they were collaborating from San Diego to Germany created a unique and dynamic mix of influences and genres. The composition of the music is genius and the experienced lyricists provide conscious content, each in their own unique voice, delivery and style. As time sped up, the project matured and they grew more ambitious with each track as they embarked on this watershed path toward the future. Barto even took a couple flights from Karlsruhe, Germany out to the west coast, San Diego CA, to meet, to work on music and to catch that SoCal sun, finding his home away from home.

studio session

What makes this project so extraordinary, the history of attaccan sccrolls is older than the name itself and the countless times the music has journeyed across the globe in its creative process is even more mind boggling. Each track is specifically tailored from inception to completion and will travel hundreds of thousands of miles, back and forth across the planet. It’s more than just 4 emcees rhyming over a beat; it’s a collective, a symposium of sorts. With every song born in Germany at the hands of Barto, they are given a rebirth again in San Diego with the addition of the vocals. Once recorded, the music makes its way back across the planet for Barto to reshape, reconstruct and recompose around each verse, each hook and every word, only to be sent back to America for more fine tuning. Every song endures the same journey. From the musical mastermind of Barto to the old school underground emcees, the sound born is unprecedented. The longevity and the youth, the wisdom and the hunger, the family and the ties all provide the sound and the soul of attaccan sccrolls.